Monday, 14 October 2013

Rest day - Were were you hiding when the storm broke

So im probably going to confuse after calling this day 10 at breakfast... but decided to call it rest day and tomorrow day 10 as coincides with my mapping.
Nice hotel last night and woke early to skype home...
Got shit together slowly then set foot out the door.
Rain pouring and I mean pouring down, rivers and lakes forming on the roads but I had a mission today... get to the other side of the city ready for tomorrow, get my bike looked at and visit a pharmacy... reasons discussed later.

So I got pretty wet and went pretty slowly  and eventually got to a days inn, which is as far from the best western as chalk from cheese and looks something like the motel in no country for old men.
Doesnt really matter tho... the heater is on full blast, drying my only pair of shorts so I can get wet again when I pop out to get food.
So whilst I am waiting for them to dry, I have cnn on. Its full of the government shutdown and the obamacare website which doesn't work properly.... a heathcare website not work... really... after spending lots of money on it? Seems it isn't just the Nhs then!
The other funny thing that struck me when I watch tv is any health product advert has an almost complte listing of side effects and contact your doctor ifs....during the advert. Its like, buy (insert product name) it may cause chest pain, breathlessness, you could even die, makecsure you tell your doc if u suffer with any itching, redness, allergic reaction,... but its really good and may help weight loss. Stop Taking it if you feel dizzy or nauseus.. but do pleae buy it!  And if your insurance doesn't cover it astra zenecca may be able to help you...
Well it made me chuckle...

So my original aim was to go and visit the memorial, but I quickly decided that although it would be a shame not to see it, it was just too wet for me to use up energy fighting my way downtown and then back up again and the energy might well be needed tomorrow, especially if its like this!
On the way I found a bike store, and made an important purchase that will hopefully save me from severe saddle soreness. Somewhat a taboo subject between cyclists and non cyclists.. you have to understand that preventing things getting bad is high priority as that will be one of the few things that could bring all this to an abrupt halt... I cant cycle standing up all the way..
So how do u prevent I hear you ask... well, a good thin saddle (less contact points =less areas of chafing), no underwear under the bike shorts (less seams always a good thing) and chamois cream! Hence my pharmeceutical and bike shop visits. I also bought a white marker which im hoping will work on my panniers so I can scrawl a message or two on them.

There seems to be a decent mexican restaurant outside and will stock up on provisions for tomorrow. I might try and repack the panniers to see if I can do it in a better way to leave more room for souvenirs... I mean provisions.

So keep your fingers crossed that the weather is better tomorrow. Im still feeling good after yesterdays ride so will take it easy whilst I can.